The Tømmergaarden Race Saturday, 21th of April 2018
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Supplementary Regulations for
The Tømmergaarden Race

The competition will be held in accordance with Rules for Auto Navigation in Denmark,
Supplementary regulations stated below and final instructions.

Race Organizer

Aarhus Automobil Sport 027
Name of the race The Tømmergaarden Race
Type Open Navigation
Dato Saturday, 21th of April 2018
Leader of the race Bernd Thrysøe OF 413/423
Assisting leader of the race Bjarne Andersen
Hans Ole Nielsen OF 423
Renée Nielsen
Secretariat Mogens Buur
Byleddet 2
DK-8660 Skanderborg
tlf. +45 86 52 08 72
Classes of Participants Entry fee Race Distance
NEZ-DK 900,- 75 km + transport (NEZ-DK receives DM/JFM points in class M)
NEZ-U 900,- 75 km + transport (Non danish teams)
NEZ-BC 900,- 60 km + transport Register under NEZ-DK or NEZ-U and check the mark NEZ Beginners Cup
M 400,- 75 km + transport
A 360,- 65 km + transport
B 300,- 60 km + transport
C 260,- 50 km + transport
D 200,- 45 km + transport
Team Competition NEZ Country Teams Cup, JFM for Club Teams
Way of registration

The registration period has expired

Deadline Sunday, 15th of April 2018
Payment At the start table or by Mobile Pay (danish app)
Meeting place Tømmergaarden Gjern, Søndergade 62, 8883 Gjern
Gathering place Gjern Kultur og Idrætscenter, Skovvejen 6, 8883 Gjern
First start 14:00 o'clock
Respite time 300 min
Food Food must be ordered by registration and payed for at the start table.
Description Price per person
Glazed ham and the main beef fillet.
Creamy potatoes and buttered parsley potatoes
Pasta salad, brocollisalate and green salad with dressing
Flutes and spice butter
1 beer or soda as desired.


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